Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ready to See ....@ Jason Vass Gallery

Ready to See, Mar. 4th-Apr. 15th @ Jason Vass Gallery, 1452 E. 6th, Los Angeles

When Tina and I went to begin the install of the show Tina read us a poem.
Always something flows fatally from each surface
streaming outwards with smoothness from a rapid origin
with thinness in many ways all at once
with velocity in a very brief and moist time
with rarification so easily penetrating by gliding and diffusing
with a swift lightness
truly and pre-eminently and marvellously without slackening
particularly what feels like to sway in the dark
now again streaming they brush our pupils and pass into us like air
like colour like fingers little by little they give us the image of our 
as ideas bobbing and melting and incessantly changing shape.
We're about to convert ourselfes into all manner of lilies.
They caress our pupils.

Is all epistemology metaphorical?
Ideas come as images, which are not time.
They palely bounce from the deep-down coffinwood
within our own unspoken desire and compulsion.
Quite free of assignment 
and despite the inclement representations
the theatre of an idea
is having its breast stroked
- just enough to subvert the conditions of transmission -
not wanting to reproduce a friendship but to repeat it.
Hormones, humour-like, are produced by light
in order to unaccountably transform us. 
Lisa Robertson 

 jason vass, tina linville

 eye on the sparrow, oil on canvas, 48"x60"
 I'll meet you in the morning, oil on canvas, 48"x60"
 valiant, oil on canvas, 48"x48"
 tikkun olam (to repair the world), oil on canvas, 48"x84"