Monday, February 16, 2009

new life

Secrets on the Way

Daylight struck the face of a man who slept.
His dream was more vivid
but he did not wake.

Darkness struck the face of a man who walked
among the others in the sun's strong
impatient rays.

It was suddenly dark, like a downpour.
I stood in a room that contained every moment - 
  a butterfly museum.

And the sun still as strong as before.
Its impatient brushes were painting the world.

Tomas Transtromer

New Studio

I'm settled into my new studio in Seal Beach. The property is an old boat yard built in the late 1940's. The place has good bones and a rich history, I should be able to make something here.  If your in the area, come on by. 

all you can eat - bunny gunner

One of ten works I have in a current show at Bunny Gunner in Pomona. It's a great little show. Little in that nothing is larger than 5"x7" and prices are little as well. Nothing (much) is priced over $50. The show is the idea of Susie Eaton and Juan Thorp, owners of Bunny Gunner (great people!)  They invited approx. 100 artists to participate, 5 - 10 works, small scale, small price. Easy to own. I thinks a great idea, simple way to share good art. Check it out, thru Mar. 11th. 

Friday, February 13, 2009

New class, new blog

This is the blog for a new class that I am team teaching with poet, Chris Davidson. Half of the class are poets and half visual artist. Our interest? What would happen if poets and painters spent 15 weeks together, breathing the same air, reading the same works, and on occasion working together. Check it out and keep checking.