Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'll Stop If You Stop - a collaboration event

This was the first exhibition event to come out of a 2 year collaboration project. My fellow collaborators are poet and musician, Chris Davidson, and performance artist, sculpture, and puppeteer, J.R. Urtesky.

We are producing a body of work that is visual, auditory, and text-based and which explores the
potentials and limitations of working across different modes of expression. Specifically, a poet, sculptor, and painter are attempting to make work that, in conversation, explores the potentials and limitations of meaning making.

The project involves a monthly exchange of produced artifacts including but not limited to poems, text, painted/drawn objects, sculptures, videos, audio works, prompts, props but NO words of explanation. The only form of communication is the artifact, we each then have 30 days to respond.

Up until this event we had not seen the objects together or conversed about the implications of the making. We were very excited about what occurred and have decided to continue the exchange.

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