Monday, October 14, 2013

Linnea Spransy: AMASS. An exhibition at Biola University

AMASS, an exhibition of works by artist Linnea Spransy was the first show in Biola University's newly remodeled gallery.

AMASS: The Art of Linnea Gabriella Spransy

Even empty space has a kind of structure and what we think of as a single point in space is actually a tightly wrapped origami of extra dimensions over and above the three we are familiar with.”

         Lord Martin Rees, cosmologist and astrophysicist

 Much like Rees’ origami, Linnea Gabriella Spransy’s luminous, abstract paintings gesture toward some familiar yet unknown organic multi-dimensional world unfolding in an expansive whirl of color, pattern, and line. Spransy’s densely layered paintings embody an obsession with a repetitive touch that has long motivated artists from Piet Mondrian, Agnes Martin, to Sean Scully. However, Spransy’s works also may remind viewers of the literary styling’s of Jorge Luis Borges or Italo Calvino, the theories of physicists S. James Gates or Martin Rees, and the visual traditions of West African Adinkra symbols. Spransy draws from an intensive intradisciplinary investigation of what she calls “the robust bodies of knowledge” of science and religion. In her work she explores topics ranging from freewill and determinism, symmetry and chaos, systems and fractals, and macro / micro ecologies.
Raised in a Christian commune, her father a touring rock musician, Linnea spent part of her childhood on the road with family, band, and tutor.  “By the time I was eleven,” she recalls, “I was living a whole-hearted lifestyle around art.” She received her MFA at Yale University School of Art. Her work is represented by Byron Cohen Gallery and has been exhibited from New York to China.  She lives and works in Los Angeles.

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