Monday, October 29, 2012


“Confronted with the vision, however fleeting and obscure, of divine majesty, one becomes reluctant to speak and disinclined to share, because human language breaks down in the attempt to convey what can be grasped only in a nonrational, intuitive way. Intellect capitulates to mystery.

The realization that we are not sufficient unto ourselves, that we have received our life and being from another. In a decision that reaches the roots of our most intimate self and demands the renunciation of belonging to that self, we freely ratify our condition as creatures. Through this fundamental act of dispossession we acknowledge the illusion of control and open our selves to the reality of God.

However, a fleeting, incomplete glimpse of God’s back – the obscure yet real, penetrating, and transforming experience of his incomparable glory – awakens a dormant trust. Something is afoot in the universe. “
B. Manning

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