Monday, January 17, 2011


Lo-Limb were the words that had been scribed on a small simple bright yellow signboard hung in front of my family home. A single tree stood on the front edge of our property between the house and the sidewalk. A large, gesturing branch swung out across the public walkway just at adult head height. It was the only thing that encroached on that walkway for as far as your eye could see but my father was sure that people would miss it and strike their head on the limb so he made a small wooden sign, approx. 3”x9”, painted it cautionary yellow and in black marker wrote the words: Lo-Limb. This was then hung off the tree branch. Even with the warning sign it was not unusual to see some distracted walker bump off that fleshy arm as they moved along completely self-absorbed and unaware. My father was a practical man he thought if he simply pointed those things out people would surly take notice. Perhaps I am more like my father then I ever realized. As we skirt across the surface of our lives what are the things that reach down from the sky to remind us of the gifts of the present moments.

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