Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rant opening

Rant exhibition opened Thursday evening to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Works by Merion Estes (who also has a solo show at Galerie Anais, Bergamot Station), Monique Prieto, Mark Dutcher (who also has work at the Torrance Museum of Art), Ryan Callis (who also has work up at LACE), Alex Couwenberg and Dan Callis (who both have work up at Cypress College), Matty Byloos, Quinton Bemiller, Phoebe Unwin, Max Presneill (who also has work up at Carl Berg), Astri Swendsrud, and Zach Kleyn. The event was djed by the amazing Eric Trine
The exhibition has been archived on my website - dancallisart.com 

The show will be up through Nov. 20th. The hours are Monday - Friday, 11-5 or by appointment. You can contact me @ dancallisart@gmail.com to make appointments. There are also a dozen or more other galleries and art project at the Pacific Design Center including Carl Berg and Sam Lee. Its well worth the trip.

I'm too spent to write anything else and we are on to the next project. This Saturday evening, Raid (the new, renewed Raid) opens at the Brewery

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jon said...

Bonito trabajo. Felicidades.