Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exhibition at Cypress College this week

I'm excited to be part of an exhibition that is opening this Wednesday evening at Cypress College. ONA2X2 is a project curated by Susie Eaton and Juan Thorp of Bunny Gunner.
They've provided 24 artists with 2' x2' panels and asked us to use this surface to create origional works for this show. It's a great group of artists including Shari Wasson, Michael Woodcock, Steve Comba, Alex Couwenberg and many more. There is also a solo show in the Project room by Macha Suzuki. Macha is an amazing sculpture who's imagery is provocative and haunting and his craftsmanship with leave you breathless.
The works that I submitted are a combination of a surface process and imagery that I have been working with in two different series of works. The surface process that I have been developing in response to my wax encusitc work. I've been using resins instead of wax attempting to create surface nuance and depth that wax allows but in the much more resistive material of resin.  The imagery is from a series of small oil canvas' that I have been doing creating a visual versions of renga. 
Come on over to Cypress, Wed. 6-8pm

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Jon H. said...

hey dan! it was great to see you last night, if even only for a few minutes. sorry we had to split, but i loved the show, and i really enjoyed the new techniques you're using!
-Jon Hogerheiden